Examples of turning parts


Service description

- From the bar Ø 20 – 80 mm
- Chuck parts to Ø 400 mm


Centering sleeve- Centering sleeve
Balancing disc, gravity die casting- Balancing disc
- Gravity die casting
Switch plate, sand casting- Switch plate
- Sand casting


Drive shaft, control unit, control shaft- Drive shaft
- Control unit
- Control shaft
Angle piece, pressure piece- Angle piece
- Pressure piece
Security bolt, holding bolt- Security bolt
- Holding bolt


Locking bolt, indexing pin, positioning shaft/pin- Locking bolt
- Indexing pin
- Positioning shaft/pin
Coupling, coupling piece- Coupling
- Coupling piece
Mounting shaft- Mounting shaft


Profile shaft, splined shaft- Profile shaft
- Splined shaft
Setting shaft, adjusting bar/shaft, control shaft- Setting shaft
- Adjusting bar/shaft
- Control shaft
Fork, suspension- Fork
- Suspension


Fork head- Fork head
Rod Ends- Rod Ends
Valve body- Valve body


Pressure piece, connection piece/bolt- Pressure piece
- Connection piece/bolt
Adjusting shaft, toothed bolt- Adjusting shaft
- Toothed bolt
Assembly bush, guide bushing- Assembly bush
- Guide bushing


Spherical Plain Bearings, relubricatable- Spherical Plain Bearings, relubricatable
Valve seat- Valve seat
Valve housing- Valve housing


Membrane, disc- Membrane
- Disc
Membrane, plate- Membrane
- Plate
Cover, pressure plate, closing cap- Cover
- Pressure plate
- Closing cap


Seal housing, sealing flange- Seal housing
- Sealing flange
Sleeve, guide sleeve, socket, centering bushing- Sleeve
- Guide sleeve
- Socket
- Centering bushing
Housing, dosing housing- Housing
- Dosing housing


Dosing piece- Dosing piece
End piece, retaining piece- End piece
- Retaining piece

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