Our paths
to your goal.

As different as our methods for manufacturing and refining precision parts are,
the end result is perfect solutions for the requirements of our customers.

From versatility comes trust.

Let’s be honest. To many of our customers, the exact manufacturing and processing methods used aren’t crucial. They expect a tailor-made solution – the rest is up to us. This means that, whether it’s a turned part, milled part, ground part, laser-welded part or an entire component, we professionals at HÖHN are continually being asked to create suitable precision parts for specific requirements. We think that sounds like a good plan. We’ve been specialising in precise metal-working technologies for five decades and time and again implement the wishes of our customers in top form. We do it with a high-performance machine and system park, as well as a competent team of more than 170 employees. We do it with our own jig construction and extensive expertise in design and engineering. We do it with reliable logistics. Most importantly, though, we do it with extra added personal consulting expertise and by listening closely to our customers’ ideas.


Turning is one of the main core areas of expertise at HÖHN. For more than 50 years, we’ve been a strong and reliable partner to countless customers. Turned parts from HÖHN can be found in applications across the globe.

HÖHN‘s range of services in the area of turning include high-performance machines and systems with which we’re equipped for an extremely broad range of tasks – from small to large serial production. This is supplemented with our extensive production expertise and a highly trained team of employees who understand their trade and make the requirements of our customers their personal task. Our employees are true professionals who can process nearly any machinable materials reliably and with high precision.

Turning with HÖHN? Precisely!

  • Semi- and fully automated production
  • We process nearly all machinable materials
  • 30 CNC lathes
  • Turning-milling machine centres
  • Swiss-type lathes
  • Hard turning/Fine turning (machining hardened and high-alloy materials)

HÖHN’s range of turning services covers turned parts with the following dimensions:
• Bar diameters from 12–80 mm
• Chuck part diameters up to 400 mm

For turning, we rely on high-precision turning machine centres from INDEX, TRAUB and Nakamura, for example.

The range of turned parts we at HÖHN can produce is extremely broad and is oriented toward the individual needs of our customers. Possible end products include:

  • Drive and control shafts
  • securing, retention and locking pins
  • Bushings and rings
  • Eyes and forks
  • Centring sleeves
  • Coupling pieces
  • Valve housings
  • and much more

One of our special areas of expertise is the processing of highly complex parts made of materials which are difficult or extremely difficult to machine.


Like turning, milling is among the classic metal-working machining processes. Over the decades, we’ve made an outstanding name for ourselves with customers and industries across the world. The production of sophisticated milled parts from nearly every machinable material is a core area of expertise at HÖHN.

Our customers trust that we’ll always have an answer for highly complex requirements – and that precision and efficiency aren’t in opposition here. With high-performance systems, extensive expertise and many years of experience in milling a wide variety of different parts and geometries, we’re optimally equipped for any task.

Milling with HÖHN? Precisely!

  • Production of 3-, 4- and 5-axis milled parts on modern machines & systems
  • Semi- and fully automated production
  • Large range of production, from one-off parts to serial production
  • Processing of nearly all machinable materials (heat-treatable steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals)

• 5-axis milling up to 400 x 400 x 300 mm
• 3- and 4-axis milling up to 800 x 800 x 300 mm

We work with 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines from HERMLE, CHIRON and HELLER.

We’re able to create a broad range of different milled parts – high-precision, specific to the customer and from one-off parts to large serial production:

• Support, switch, dosing unit and controller housings
• Control and valve blocks
• Distributors and distributor housings
• Drive, adjustment, switching and locking levers
• Control forks
• Rotors, rotor arms/rotor supports
• Cams, control cams and switching cams
• and more

As one of our core areas of expertise, we offer the production of 4-axis milled parts up to 100 x 100 x 100 mm on systems capable of large serial production.
Another specialty is the mastery of nearly all machinable materials, including stainless steels, titanium, Hastelloy, high-strength aluminium alloys and heat-treatable steels, for example.
Processing cast and forged blanks with complex clamping techniques isn’t a problem for us at HÖHN either.


It takes experience and expertise to get precision parts running smoothly, and our ground parts are no exception.

Using sophisticated processing methods (feed-through grinding, centreless grinding and grinding between centres), we combine top surface quality with precision down to the smallest µ-ranges. Gleaming? Certainly! Automated? With pleasure!

Ground parts from the HÖHN company always make a gleaming impression – just like our associated machine park and team of trained specialists. Exactly as you’ve come to expect from us.

Ground parts from HÖHN: precision parts, perfectly refined.

  • Feed-through grinding (6.5 mm dia. to 90 mm dia. and lengths up to 1,500 mm)
  • Centreless plunge grinding (8 mm dia. to 90 mm dia.)
  • Shaft grinding (up to 1,000 mm long)
  • Flat grinding

We grind on machines from Lidköping, Nomoco, Tschudin, Ghirnagelli, Ziersch & Balltrusch.

HÖHN’s special processing expertise includes centreless grinding and automated grinding processes.

Laser welding.

Interested in high-quality, reproducible welding results obtained quickly and with pinpoint precision? Does the result have to be as sturdy as possible with the workpiece being affected by heat as little as possible? If so, we’ve got something for you!

Laser welding – energy applied with pinpoint accuracy. We at HÖHN are quite familiar with this. Parts processed by us using this method do more than just meet the most stringent quality standards and offer an enormous range of potential applications. For our customers, the laser-welding process also offers enormous cost savings thanks to its speed and flexibility. Sound good? We think so, too.

Laser-welded parts from HÖHN: from professionals, for professionals.

Our CNC 5-axis laser-welding machine from TRUMPF offers top results with maximum flexibility.

Thanks to our modern systems, we at HÖHN are able to create even very fine and deep weld seams.
The microscope optics used here enable high-precision results.

Thread rolling.

Why do it slowly if it can be done quickly, too? Why do it expensively, if it can also be done affordably, too? Following this motto, let’s take a look at another area of HÖHN processing expertise: thread rolling.

We not only create threading on the parts of our customers, but bring efficiency to the processes as well. Especially when it comes to larger quantities, we’re able to score points with our semi-automated systems. In conjunction with the part variety of our sister company FLURO, we’re able to offer our customers a comprehensive selection of tools – very flexibly, reliably and very efficiently.

Precision parts with threading – naturally from HÖHN.

  • From M4 to M42 in metric
  • A large selection in imperial, as well

We use semi-automated machines from well-known manufacturers like PEEWEE and Profi-Roll.

Component assembly.

As a HÖHN customer, you’ll benefit from the kind of full service you’d expect from a capable company. We not only produce installation-ready parts, but can also assemble entire components (combination of in-house production, purchased parts and supply parts) upon request – whether in small or large quantities. At our component assembly department, which includes various different eccentric and hydraulic presses, in addition to manual assembly stations, a wide variety of different technologies are available: pressing in, bearing tolerance setting, caulking, shaping, bending, making screw connections, welding, radial welding in the form of wobble rivets, manual precision assembly, laser inscription, engraving, stamping and lettering embossing. Special parts of a wide variety of different types produced on high-performance systems by a team of true specialists. That’s what the name HÖHN stands for. Components from the HÖHN company: customised and perfectly joined.
  • Special parts as per the customer’s wishes
  • All types of joint bearings/joint heads
  • Our own testing department/application technology
  • Market leader in high-temperature joint bearings
  • Robot systems for assembling joint heads and joint bearings
  • 30 presses and systems (spindle presses, hydraulic presses, eccentric and pneumatic presses), in addition to our diverse machine park
  • Testing systems for the documentation of overturning torque and torque rate, bearing play and tightening torque