We produce
your added value.

At HÖHN, sophisticated precision parts are the result of a future-oriented process chain.
To our customers, this means reliability and trust – from A to Z.

Our service. Perfect all round.

Does the name HÖHN make you think of a full range of sophisticated precision parts? If so, you’re quite right. There’s a reason why we’ve had an outstanding reputation in the industry for decades. In addition to our range of production methods, it’s primarily our upstream and downstream process chain which makes us not only a capable manufacturer for our customers, but – most importantly – a reliable partner.

Think together – think ahead. You can count on us here. Always at the centre of our business are the individual needs of our customers. They all trust HÖHN’s expertise and experience, the associated infrastructure and the efficient processes. The result isn’t just added value from metal, it’s first and foremost trust and partnerships which are at least a sturdy as our parts.

Top advice. From the very start.

Nothing is so good that you can’t make it a little better still. That’s why we at HÖHN always rely on technical consultation – person to person. We already contribute our expertise in the run-up to a project, both for feasibility and tolerance design.

Once the fundamental questions have been answered in the development stage, we’ll move forward together: from the selection of a suitable material to the design, the corresponding tools and production technologies, refinement and other downstream processes through to a tailor-made logistics concept.

Sound well-rounded? It sure it.

It fits. Perfectly.

A precision part can only ever be as good as the tools used to manufacture it. Naturally, we at HÖHN leave nothing to chance. A key component of this is our jig construction.

With in-house development and production of tailor-made clamping jigs for safe processes and economical production, as well as reliable test jigs for serial production, we ensure quality and efficiency from the ground up. The fact that we rely on a wide variety of technologies – such as 3D printing, erosion and 5-axis simultaneous milling – demonstrates our capability.

Ultimately, the optimal precision part is always the result of a clean process. The satisfaction of our customers shows us that we’re doing it just right. HÖHN – It fits, perfectly.

It runs. Perfectly.

To be honest, though, what we’re showing you here doesn’t have to interest you at all. Why? Because ultimately the important thing to our customers is that everything runs perfectly. With HÖHN, you can count on it. Wish to learn more anyway? By all means. From acquisition to delivery, everything’s coordinated with everything else at HÖHN – down to the smallest detail. It begins with our warehouse, which has more than earned the label “high performance”. A few key words:
  • Large raw material warehouse with large supplies of a wide variety of different materials & dimensions
  • All common stainless steel types, round steel, hexagonal steels, construction steels and non-ferrous metals from 20 to&nbsp 300 mm dia.
  • Large pallet and small-part storage for nearly every logistics concept (kanban, just-in-time, consignment stock and blanket orders)
  • Reliable supplier network developed over many years for ensured demand fulfilment
  • Continuous digital infrastructure for efficiency and consistent traceability
  • Global logistics processing, including all required documents

As you can see, we at HÖHN have already prepared tomorrow’s processes today, which makes us perfectly equipped to successfully implement your project as well!

The final polish. Very nice.

Looking for perfect end results? Very well, so are we at HÖHN. To ultimately give your precision parts the perfect polish or perfect look, we’re able to use a wide variety of different refinement processes, depending on the desired area of application or surface finish. This includes:

  • Surface treatments (silver plating, hard chrome/chrome plating, polishing/electrolytic polishing, cadmium coating, anodising, burnishing, powder coating, painting and chemical nickel plating)
  • Gearing, reaming and shaping
  • Honing and grinding (inside & outside)
  • Welding
  • Slide grinding, glass bead blasting and shot blasting
  • Cleanliness inspection/Residual soiling analysis

Visually unique.

Whether it’s for the identification of a part (e.g. with an ID number or a code) or for identification with a logo or manufacturer’s mark, we at HÖHN offer different options for part labeling and branding. We’re able to fall back on a number of different processes here, including:
  • Laser inscription on flat surfaces and on the circumference
  • Needle embossing
  • Hard stamping
  • Ink jet labeling
  • Etching and much more

Quality is an attitude.

With HÖHN, you rely on a manufacturer which makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality. This applies both for the products we produce and the associated process:

  • Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Sampling in accordance with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and PPAP
  • Use of all modern QA tools, e.g. FMEA, 5 whys, Ishikawa etc.
  • State-of-the-art 3D coordinate measurement technology
  • Measurements with ZEISS PRISMO
  • A wide variety of measurement and testing means for, for example, hardness and contour measurements, x-ray fluorescence analyses, surface testing, coating thickness testing,
    tension/compression testing, grinding pattern inspection, weld seam inspection etc.
  • Reliable product identification thanks to part labeling and branding

HÖHN’s entire process chain is oriented toward a zero-error strategy. Naturally, this not only includes QA infrastructure, but appropriately trained specialist personnel as well. Our market success shows that we’re on the right path here, following the motto:

Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.

Trust is good.
Verification is better.

HÖHN stand for uncompromising quality in every area, beginning with the material. Only top-quality goods enter our company.

I work at the incoming goods department, and we always take a very close look! Why? Simple. Because we know that top quality begins with us.

We can do (nearly) everything.

We process nearly all machinable materials. We can process stainless and other steels like Inconel/Hastelloy, Duplex and Superduplex, aluminium, titanium, various plastics etc. and other high-performance materials and turn them into your product. As a pioneer in the manufacture of precision parts made of difficult and very difficult to machine stainless steels, we possess dedicated material and processing knowledge. Whether it’s made from a bar, a cut part, cast or a forging blank, we at HÖHN make it possible.