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Precision parts from HÖHN are used across the globe in the most demanding applications and industries: turned parts, milled parts, ground parts and more – customised and in top quality.

Our range of services includes a wide variety of different materials (steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, special alloys, plastics and special materials etc.) and processing methods which we combine together depending on the requirement. This is how we not only offer the best possible solutions for the specific needs of our customers, but implement them with optimal efficiency as well.

A team of 170 trained specialists, in conjunction with a high-performance machine and system park, enable even highly complex requirements to become a reality. The result of this versatility is a maximum of options for our customers. We at HÖHN not only see ourselves as a reliable manufacturer of precision parts, but, more importantly, as a company who understand our customers and solve problems.

Looking for a capable and reliable manufacturer of precision parts? You’re in the right place.


It's not an exaggeration to say that we at HÖHN can make nearly anything possible when it comes to precision parts.

Turned parts

We at HÖHN offer you high-precision turned parts with low tolerances and top-notch dimensional stability: drive shafts, securing and locking pins, joint bearings, valve housings and much more, from one-off parts to serial production.

Milled parts

We at HÖHN produce sophisticated milled parts on modern processing centres: switch, dosing unit and controller housings, control and valve blocks, levers, cams and much more.

Ground parts

We create ground parts with optimal precision and surface quality. Centreless feed-through and plunge grinding, flat grinding – it can even be automated if desired. At HÖHN, we call this precision parts, perfectly refined.

Laser-welded parts

Visually high quality, absolutely pinpoint precise and reproducible. Laser-welded parts from the HÖHN company meet the highest quality standards. To us, it’s further proof of our capabilities.


Maximum customisation thanks to in-house production, purchased parts and supply parts. Component assembly at HÖHN means combining a wide variety of different processing technologies into a perfect overall result.