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Managing Directors Reiner and Martin Höhn


By taking the step into self-employment, the brothers Martin and Ernst Höhn laid the foundation stone for the company Martin Höhn GmbH.

More than 40 years of existence, which does not only mean to have gone through good and bad times consistently and solidly, but also to have established oneself on the market, to have won customers and partners by the own abilities and qualities and to have constantly developed oneself.

From the very beginning with the guiding principle: to convince with quality, precision, speed and flexibility and to offer all customers competent advice and every conceivable support. The fact that the company has now been in existence for four decades proves that this is the right way to go.

In the meantime, the company has firmly established itself in the niche of the metalworking industry.

We would like to thank our employees, as well as our customers, suppliers and all business partners, for the trustful cooperation.




Martin and Ernst Höhn founded the Martin Höhn GmbH in 1973. In a garage they produce precision parts with turning-, milling-, grinding-, boring machines and lathes. Soon, a total of seven staff are employed and more machines are put into operation. Höhn headquarters in Rosenfeld 1979


The customer base in plant, bottling technology and the printing industry is expanding continuously, so that the first contacts were made to other European countries and Japan. In 1979, the newly built headquarters are based with 640 m² of floor space in the Siemensstraße in Rosenfeld.Plant construction, filling machine, filling technology


The manufacturing area milling is reinforced and the range of products from previously relubricatable rod bearings and rod ends is expanded to maintenance-free and rust-free. In addition, the foreign distribution is organized. From 1984 CNC lathes are used. The following year, the first expansion of the production area is necessary and quality management department can be created.


In 1990, the second operation is an extension of 1970 m² in total. Less than five years later, a lack of space requires the next level, with a further office expansion.


Lack of space requires the next stage of expansion with a further office expansion of 185 m².


The company receives certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 from TÜV Südwest.


During his studies, Reiner Höhn, son of Martin Höhn, became a partner in Martin Höhn GmbH.Management, Martin and Reiner Höhn, FLURO®-Gelenklager GmbH and Martin Höhn GmbH


The production is now supported by robots, in the administration is used a computerized system. Also, the guarantee of quality is improved by a CNC measuring machine. In 1997 the company receives the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Since 1999 apprentices have been employed, first in the office, then in the technical area.


In 1998, the succession has been prepared; the next generation will be initiated. In this case a further extension to the company by a further 2,910 m² in 2000 was carried out, which creates space for the fully automatic Kasto Langgut camp with 300 cassettes and the apprentice workshop with the latest CNC lathes and milling machines. Likewise, the production processes and the entire production flow will be redesigned and optimized. In parallel, the building is renovated.Kasto-Langgut warehouse, high-bay warehouse, cassettes, pallets


Promotional activities and strategic partnerships help to anchor the company's position in the world market. New products such as hydraulic rod ends and spherical bearings are commissioned in 2002 into the program. The machinery is supplemented by complete machining centers and developed a motorsport product production run.


2005 - 2006
2005 space for the production, management and fully automated distribution center is created with a new hall and building wing. The goods movement and storage system is inaugurated in 2006.Höhn Company building in Rosenfeld 2006


Reiner Höhn manages the business of Martin Höhn GmbH with his father and joins the company management.


After a short period of time they started to build a 4-storey office building, which was occupied in 2010.Höhn Administration building 2010


In April 2013 they started to build a further production hall with a surface of 3600 m², which was occupied in May 2014. An important area is added to the product portfolio: High-Performance Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod Ends for extreme applications.


The new building was completed after just under a year and the move to the new hall began. After the first machine groups found their place in the new hall, their previous location was renovated for further reorganization. The generation change is initiated and Reiner Höhn is the sole managing partner of Martin Höhn GmbH.Executive Director Reiner Höhn


In order to continue to be an attractive company on the world market, digitization and Industry 4.0 are continuously being advanced, new planning and organizational structures are being created, ambitious goals in product development and further development of the production processes are being set, and the services are always being supplemented and optimized.

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