Hard turning / Fine turning


Hard turning has become a tried and trusted alternative to the expensive grinding. The hard turning is a turning procedure, in which already hardened work pieces are completed by turning. Hereby are produced very accurately sized inner and outer contours with high surface quality with the help of standard tools. Hard turning enables the precision machining of complex turning parts up to a maximum diameter of 180 mm as well as the metal cutting of hardened and high-alloyed materials.
Hard turning, precision turning, sealing cover, control flange, locking cover


Hard turning has many advantages against grinding:

Cost saving:
Low tool costs, because there is no need of expensive contoured grinding wheels.

Time saving:
More processes can be executed in one fixing.
Hard turning processes are in up to 80 % of the cases faster than comparable grinding processes.

Environmentally friendly:
In many cases hard turning is a dry an ernvironmentally friendly process where there is no need to dispose grinding sludge.

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