Component assembly for drive engineering, mechanical engineering and plant engineering

We produce not only individual components or serial production, but we also assemble entire structural components on request (combination of in-house production and additional parts provided by customer).


Connecting rod, coupling rod, connecting element
Assembly area


In the field of assembly, which encompasses more than 21 eccentric and hydraulic presses with insertion force monitoring function, different technologies are available:

- Press-in operation
- Beading
- Compression
- Forming
- Flexure
- Caulking
- Radial riveting in the form of wobbling
- Manual precision assembly

Here you can find a selection of different assembly parts, which we already have produced.

Foil stamping with one dot peen marking system:

Can be regulated flexibly to the height of the work piece to be marked (to a maximal of 300 mm) and is suitable for different materials, up to a hardness grade of 62 HRC. The rotary head for the stamping at the circumference or on the surface line (work pieces up to a maximal diameter of 250 mm).

Laser inscription:

On all metallic surfaces for square work pieces to a maximum of 500 x 500 x 350 mm (length x width x height), extra long work pieces on request. Maximum inscription field of 250 x 400 mm – with motorised axes.

- Black marking
- Engraving marking
- Deep marking
- Marking of the company’s logo

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